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Sales Effectiveness

On average just 20% of Sales staff time is devoted to the tasks that generate growth and win new customers;

Typically, Sales staff are only 56% effective during the time that is devoted to sales and prospecting - that's just 11% efficiency overall. Increasing selling costs and poor efficiency are threatening the future of face to face selling.

Beechwood Associates experienced Sales advisors are enthusiastic supporters of face to face selling within the total sales process and offer cost-effective solutions for Improving Productivity , Optimising Sales Effectiveness and Performance Coaching. Whether you select the SalesPro integrated sales improvement programme, a custom solution or small group open courses your sales performance will benefit from a Modular approach and a flexible delivery to suit your business objectives and budget.

Improving Productivity

Selecting Beechwood Associates experienced sales advisors to review your sales economics is a cost-effective decision.

We start by working with your team, quantifying their productivity against six key benchmarks:

Time Management
Territory Planning & Travel
Prospecting & Account Management
Interface with the Organisation
Data Management & Record Keeping
Active Selling

These results are carefully compared against customer's needs to generate prioritised improvement recommendations.

Optimising Sales Effectiveness

Sales effectiveness improvements are achieved by optimising key selling and relationship skills at individual and group levels.

Beechwood Associates' sales advisors take great care to ensure that all actions are customised to your business objectives and culture.

Our approach delivers measurably better results than 'general' sales training. This is because staff relate positively to a 'relevant' development programme and are motivated by the investment in their success.

Modular Training Approach

As experienced sales professionals, we prioritise actions and training to deliver early improvements.

Easily assimilated modules ensure:
maximum retention.
create confidence
motivate staff to participate in continuing professional development

Coaching for Performance
At each stage through an assignment Beechwood Associates' sales advisors supervise and coach each participant to progress at the maximum of their capability.

Flexible Delivery

SalesPro achieves maximum performance improvement through integrating the cumulative benefits of:

Productivity planning & business process analysis
Customised sales effectiveness training
Individual participant appraisal and performance coaching
Programme supervision by a senior sales advisor

SalesPro is your dedicated programme, managed by a Beechwood sales professional and delivered at a pace which suits your business and budget.

SalesPro Custom is the programme for sales directors and managers who want to specifiy their own structured development programme. From recruit through to succession planning the custom programme includes your selection of modules supported by individual and staff appraisal and development coaching.

Small Group Open Courses are the cost effective solution to improving performance for smaller sales teams and individuals:

Planning & Preparation for Successful Sales
Listening for Buying Signals
Getting Results on the Telephone
Negotiating & Influencing Skilfully
Powerful Propositions through Presentation
Sales Techniques
Advanced Techniques for Sales Professionals
Managing Key Accounts
Sales Management Principles
Coaching for Sales Executives
Creating High Performance Teams
Effective Sales Meeting
Marketing Principles for Sales

Contact Us for a free, no obligation assessment of the performance improvement opportunities available to your organisation.